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The sanitree committee

our roots

Sanitree started with our founder Bharat, who set out to tackle period poverty in his hometown of Bhind. After becoming suddenly aware of the intensity and institutionalisation of the taboo, he formed the social enterprise in September 2017 under the society Enactus Edinburgh while at university. Our first goal is now complete: Sanitree ran our pilot scheme in Bhind by January 2018, which, through the skill of our beneficiaries there, is now totally self-sufficient. 

Now, we have laid foundations in Jagatpura, Jaipur, in coordination with our local charity the Jeevan Arth foundation. This venture was solidified in August 2019, when our team leaders visited Jagatpura on-ground to meet the beneficiaries found by Jeevan Arth co-founder Ishu. Today, Sanitree has a UK-based committee of fourteen marvellous members, but our actual team is far greater. We have established a fantastic community in Jaipur that have rallied behind our cause, including government workers, local business owners, community leaders, activists, educators and students. This means that on the ground, we are always working entirely in tandem with Indian organisations. From here, we will work in harmony to deliver on our aims of tackling the period poverty crisis. 


We are proud to say that the cooperative is not limited to its pad-making but doubles as the Her Shakti centre, a community centre used as a base for workshops, education and a rent-free work space for one of our beneficiary's own entrepreneurship. We want our beneficiaries in Jaipur to spearhead this campaign and inspire a difference that can spread worldwide.

where we are at now


All profits from the sales of our pads are reinvested into our social impact work, as well as our cross-subsidisation model to make our pads as affordable as possible. Buying a Sanitree pad directly aids the distribution of pads to those who need it most.


Because we are based in Edinburgh, we are aiming to break into the UK market with our pads and even some merchandise to further subsidise the cost of our pads over in Jaipur, and help to fund other Jaipur ventures. We have recently started collaborating with some small, eco-focused companies which are selling our pads online and around Edinburgh, alongside stores of the same nature in India. We often run events around our base to help spread word of the cause and get people on board. 


The level of support we have been receiving is testament to the real desire for change, but we still have a long way to go. 


If you would be interested in supporting our project, and enabling us to get our social enterprise fully on its feet, then check out our donation page.


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