The Cooperative:

Keeping Up With the Sanitree Ladies


Mamta is an economically independent single mother who is working to provide for herself and her children.

Bokul's main goal is to ensure that her two daughters can receive the same education and independence that her son has, and is working to provide good schooling for them.



Janat is the youngest of our beneficiaries, and is working to support herself and her grandma, who she lives with.

These are just three of our twenty-two beneficiaries who are the heart of the Sanitree Team.

Our Jaipur project employs local women onto the cooperative, identified with the help of our partner, the Jeevan Arth Foundation

Each of these women are personally invested in the project, and have their own motivations for wanting to be a part of it. 

The wellbeing and empowerment of our beneficiaries, whatever that may mean to them, is one of our key missions as a project. There are those who now have a secure income and flexible hours working as a seamstress of the pads. This is something that we hope to extend to many others, should the demand for Sanitree pads continue to increase. ​

There are those who now have a secure income and flexible hours working as a seamstress of the pads, those who have taken on leadership positions within the Her Shakti centre workshop, and others who lead on co-ordinating and facilitating community classes at the centre.


Since February 2019, our train-the-trainer model has been implemented, in an effort to reduce the hierarchies present in the skill-development process. This is our goal: to implement ethical practice into every stage of our enterprise, in order to support our beneficiaries in any way we can.

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