We are very excited to have recently implemented our project in Jaipur in conjunction with the Jeevan Arth Foundation.

The Jeevan Arth Foundation are an NGO based in Jaipur who focus on women’s empowerment. Together with Sanitree, the Jeevan Arth Foundation identified local women from within the community who were in need of employment: our beneficiaries. The Jeevan Arth Foundation delivered all training and education to these beneficiaries and Sanitree facilitated with the resources that are available to us. 

Everything we do, and every way in which we work with the beneficiaries in Jaipur, is consulted with the Jeevan Arth Foundation to ensure that we are approaching the issue mindfully with cultural sensitivity.

In partnership with our local charity, the Jeevan Arth Foundation, we also deliver educational workshops across Rajasthan in order to challenge the myths and stigmas surrounding menstruation.This education is something that everyone deserves to receive, especially at such a crucial stage of development. That is why we are including boys and men in the discussion, also.


Ishu is the co founder of the Jeevan Arth Foundation, and has been the driver of the Her Shakti project.

Ishu found the workshop space, sourced our beneficiaries and essentially runs the project on the ground. She is the Sanitree committee's first point of consultation for everything we do in Jaipur.


The Her Shakti centre is the base of the joint project between Sanitree and the Jeevan Arth Foundation. It is more than just a place where the beneficiaries work; it is a community centre which has weekly classes run by local self-defence, yoga or English language teachers.


It is a space where the women can help to empower each other. This is why the slogan we have proudly written on the banner for our Her Shakti centre is

Learn to Earn, Learn to Empower!


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