The Sanitree Pad

What Makes it So Bloody Great?

The innovation of our reusable pad is what makes our entire project viable as a social enterprise. And the reason for its popularity is simple: it is safer, cheaper and more eco-friendly than its alternatives.


It offers a hygienic alternative to the rags, husk and other inadequate materials currently used by some women in India. A 2014 study by Women’s Voices for the Earth showed that plastic pads contained several chemicals of concern, including styrene (carcinogen), chloromethane (reproductive toxicant), chloroform (carcinogen, reproductive toxicant, neurotoxin) and acetone (irritant).


It is easy to use and to care for. The finished product also comes with an information sheet with full usage and washing guidelines. It can be bundled in with the daily laundry!


Because it is cloth-based! 


It can last up to two years, cutting out the necessity for harmful plastic waste every month. Furthermore, we package our product completely plastic-free; instead, our Sanitree pad comes with a handy pouch for daily storage, made entirely from recycled fabric waste from the textile industry. Every pouch is unique.

The ‘cloth-pad revolution’ represents a move towards more traditional approaches that have been used as early as the 10th century, whilst also incorporating a modern understanding of technology and hygiene. We share the vision of a 'Green India', in the wake of the Green India Mission’s launch in 2014.


By nature of its reusability.


Commercial alternatives are priced at a premium because of their expensive production process. We are selling our pads at a unit price that is affordable even to those living on less than £4 a day - and all without any added perfumes or allergens!


More than simply being affordable to the individual, however, we have also made efforts to ensure that our business model is sustainable within the local market, allowing us to compete with giant multinationals.

These benefits aren’t just applicable to those in our project area. If you would be interested in buying a Sanitree pad for yourself, our (soon-to-be-launched) online store can enable you to join the ‘cloth-pad revolution’.

We have compiled an information sheet to let owners of a Sanitree pad properly care for them.

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